John W. Bild, Owner

I am a self taught computer programmer and HTML / JavaScript Web Designer. I have always been fascinated with computers and how you can program them to do what you want. I am self taught in BASIC programming through the use of Library books, but my programming knowledge grew to include PASCAL, C++, VB & VB.NET as I progressed through high school and continued to take classes and independent studies. I currently use VB.NET in assisting to write redundant web pages or to help in formatting of photo gallery pages. I have a strong understanding in JavaScript as well as limited knowledge of JAVA to allow for animation on web pages and to create some user interactivity on the sites. I have recently added PHP and MySQL programming to my list of web design tools. These assets allow for the addition of database information and additional interactive programming on web pages including user forms and database systems.

I have also learned a lot about graphics in my time as a web publisher. Most graphics I use are created by myself for use on specific websites, including the creation of custom logos and backgrounds.

I look forward to working with you and thank you for visiting my website.

John & Family
- BildWebDesign, LLC is officially started and has opened its website to the general public.
11.29.2008 - has been opened to the public. Please go have a look at the wonderful photo galleries.
02.04.2009 - The redesigned Legrands Market & Catering website is open and ready for the public.
02.17.2009 - BildWebDesign, LLC is now offering PHP with
MySQL Database Programming for sites. (when PHP & MySQL are available)
09.18.2009 -
Trivia in Saint Louis has a new home at